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21st century is the century of new knowledge

I.V. Ilyin
80,00 Р


I.V. Il’in is Dr.Sci. (Pedagogy), prof., head of Faculty of global processes at

Lomonosov Moscow State University

e-mail: dekanatfgp@fgp.msu


Presented is the analysis of the problem of creation of qualitatively new knowledge for conditions of dynamic transformations of 21st century. The author notes, that these transformations are being connected with spheres of not only economic and political, but also social life. Attention is paid to most important decisions of the United Nations, aimed at creation of new knowledge of 21st century. Also analyzed is necessity of creation of innovative educational program for managing of social transformations. In connection with that, characterized is concrete activity of Faculty of global processes at MSU n.a. M.V. Lomonosov, realizing the named direction of scientific and educational process.

Key words: new knowledge of 21st century, innovative educational program, scientific and educational process.