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Educational process on the basis of the principle of student-centered approach

T.A. Pereskokova, V.P. Solovyov
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T.A. Pereskokova is Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), doc. at Stary Oskol Technological Institute — branch of NITU “MISIS”; and V.P. Soloviev is Cand.Sci. (Technic), prof. at NITU “MISIS”



Elaborated is the theme of realization of educational process on the basis of student-centered approach as new active form of education. Presented is the authors’ substantiation of necessity of application of the principle of student-centered approach in educational process of institutions of higher professional education for raising quality of training of graduates. Given are examples of technologies and methodic of training, built on the principle student-centered approach. Substantiated is purposefulness of introduction of new active system of education into educational process of higher educational institutions. In that connection, the authors paid attention to necessity of organization at high schools purposeful activity as to raising pedagogical qualification of lecturing staff.

Key words: competency, quality of education, student-centered approach, technologies of education, activity model of education, pedagogical qualification.



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