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Youth extremism and cultural linguistic identity in the 21st century

O.Yu. Kornienko
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O.Yu. Kornienko is Cand. of Philological sc., doc. at Faculty of Global processes by Lomonosov Moscow State University



Explored are interconnection of internal nature of extremist movements and typical for them slang as manifestations of cultural and linguistic identity. Such approach is very important, because permits to reveal components of identity of youth and to use tendencies of slang languages as instruments of understanding of indirect influence on youth movements. The basis of analysis was modern vocabulary of three different groups in youth movenents, i.e. skinheads and Internet-addicts, flash mob participants. Attention is paid namely to slang of these three groups, on which analysis conclusions might presuppose, that different ways of vocabulary enrichment in slang of participants in extremist actions testify different vulnerability of cultural language identity as to outer impact.

Key words: extremism, skinheads, Internet-addiction, flash mob, cultural language identity, adaptation of vocabulary, vocabulary enrichment, computer slang.


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