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N.K. Nuriev, S.D. Starygina, D.A. Akhmetshin. Estimation algorithm of quality of ownership of competence on the basis of indicator of depth of mastered knowledge

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 N.K. Nuriev is doct. in Pedagogy, prof., head of sub-faculty


S.D. Starygina is cand. of Pedagogy, doc. 


D.A. Akhmetshin is cand. of Engineering, assistant


Kazan National Research Technological University


       Elaborated is the problem of organization of training of engineers according to requirements of new educational standard. The problem is that in practice there is a question, how based on results of final test in the presence of knowledge evaluate quality of mastering by student certain competence. On the basis of results of both many years’ observations and statistical data, the authors elaborated algorithm, which makes possible to estimate the name evaluation with required trustworthy reliability. Shown is the way of determination for the meaning of marking of quality and possession of competences, evaluating with the method of testing the metrics as to their completeness and integrity of possession. Presented is evaluation of the depth of knowledge, which is estimated as the summing of their meanings, and also shown is calculation of coefficient of correlation between marks of indicators of competence and meanings of indicator of quality.

       Key words: competence, completeness of knowledge, integrity of knowledge, depth of knowledge, reliability of test, competency assessment scale.



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