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T.I. Borisenko, V.V. Danilina, L.K. Salieva. Developing communicative competence of students of public administration and management in the light of speech communication theory

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 T.I. Borisenko is cand. of Philology, doc. at Lomonosov Moscow State University


V.V. Danilina is cand. of Philology, doc. at National Research Technological University “MISiS”


L.K. Salieva is cand. of Phililogy, doc. at Lomonosov Moscow State University



       Examined is the problem of intensification of foreign languages teaching, which is of paramount importance nowadays. This article examines three-part model of foreign language teaching, developed at sub-faculty of foreign languages of faculty of State administration of Lomonosov Moscow State University under guidance of professor L.V. Minaeva. As administrator takes part in current business and professional communication in foreign language, so content of education becomes core of general literary language and formation of skills of argumented speech (moral ethic themes), world of business relations and skills of communications, as well as language specialty and skills of project activity. Practical experience of the sub-faculty shows, that consistent implementation of this approach contributes to solving of lingua-didactic tasks and development of students’ communicative competence.

       Key words: lingua-didactics, speech communication theory, business communication in foreign languages, foreign language for specific purposes.



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