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О совершенствовании системы высшего образования на базе Московского авиационного института

M.A. Pogosyan, Dmitry A. Kozorez, A.O. Shemyakov, T.S. Tereshenko
UDC 378
DOI 10.20339/AM.07-24.005

Mikhail A. Pogosyan, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Academician of RAS, Rector at MAI (NRU), e-mail:

Dmitry A. Kozorez, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Vice Rector at MAI (NRU), e-mail:

Alexander O. Shemyakov, PhD (Engineering), Vice Rector at MAI (NRU), e-mail:

Tatiana S. Tereshenko, Head of Innovation, Strategy and Communication Department of MAI (NRU), e-mail:


Possible ways of transforming the higher education system to ensure the technological leadership of the Russian Federation are examined. New approaches to the implementation of two levels of higher education — basic higher education and specialized higher education — are considered. The experience of implementing a pilot project by Moscow Aviation Institute in accordance with the Russian Federation President Decree No. 343, dated May 12, 2023, aimed at creating a new environment for training engineering personnel and a flexible educational model that ensures a qualitative transformation of educational programs based on an analysis of future industry needs, is shown.

Keywords: higher education, education improvement, complex engineer, personnel forecast, personnel training, individual learning pathway, engineering education