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Conditions for increasing the efficiency of interaction of the teacher and the student

Olga V. Orlova
80,00 Р

UDC 378:37.06  


Olga V. Orlova,

Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), Associate Professor of Physical Education Department at

St. Petersburg Humanitarian University of Trade Unions,



This study analyzed the pedagogical interaction between a teacher and a student is carried out. To create interaction between a teacher and a student, it is necessary to focus on increasing the activity of students, establishing feedback with them, creating a friendly atmosphere for solving tasks together, strengthening the authority of the source of information. On this basis, a model of the organization of a differentiated approach to solving the problem of effective teaching at a university is constructed and developed.

Key words: mutual understanding, observation, benevolence, interest, disappointment, excitability.




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