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Mixed objective-virtual reality as technological platform for development of modern education

G.G. Zeinalov
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UDC 378::004   


G.G. Zeynalov is Dr.Sci. (Philosophy), prof. at Mordovian State Pedagogical Institute n. a. M.E. Evseviev e-mail:


Discussed is the mixed objective-virtual reality as technological platform of modern education. The technological platform is understood as a complex of coordinated actions of all stakeholders (science, enterprises, investors, government bodies) in the field of research and development activities and in putting its results into practice. The novelty of the work lies in ideology of combination of educational material of objective-subject and virtual series, online and offline courses, traditional and alternative methods. The article develops theoretical issues of the new teaching methodology.

Key words: mixed objective-virtual reality, mixed educational environment, technology platform, modern education.



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