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The problem of effective evaluation of students’ knowledge results at modern university

A.T. Ibraeva
80,00 Р


A.T. Ibraeva is head of educational department of International University of Kyrgyzstan e-mail:


Analyzed is the problem of creating effective system of assessment of students’ knowledge and formation of competencies at modern university. Today existing system of evaluation of students’ knowledge and the system of formation of competences requires further improvement from the viewpoint of diagnostic of validity and objectivity of learning outcome. Quality control of educational achievements of students is one of the most important components of educational process. As to GOS VPO, description of competencies is the result of educational training. The process of assessment of the level of formatted competence in graduates becomes multi-leveled and requires new approaches to assessment.

Key words: competation, competence, knowledge of students, result of training, module rating system of evaluation, quality control, state standard, quality of education.



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