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Immigrants’ tsunami and the youth: nowadays and tomorrow

K.V. Korsak
80,00 Р


K.V. Korsak is D. Sc. in Philosophy and Cand. of Physico-mathematical sc., head of laboratory at Kiev Medical University



Presented is examination of the problem, consisting in the author’s opinion in the fact, that combination of global and national crises intensified migration and caused many economic, political and social problems in developed countries, incl. Russia. Based on analysis of events in France, Germany and other European countries presented is the author’s explanation of core reasons of nowadays mass migration, fraught with inevitability of the breach of not only social stability, but also explosion of «immigrant bombs». The most important features of means for preventing of global immigrant apocalypse and securing sustainable development of species Homo Sapiens are shown. As to the author’s opinion, because of the fact, that in recent years scientists have discovered a number of effective innovative technologies, the West could completely eliminate migration, if opens the way to population of Africa and Asia for mastering of today and future scientific discoveries.

Key words: crises, migration, immigrant bomb, ethology, aggression, leadership, nootechnologies, 3D-printers and cheap photovoltaics.



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